Fire destroys family-owned Tucson business

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A family-owned and run hobby shop near Ajo and Country Club was destroyed in a fire Wednesday night.  The owner wants to rebuild, but it could be a challenge due to the economy.

Richard Lopez, his wife and two sons built Canyon Vista RC shop more than a year ago.

All the hard work and money invested in the hobby shop has been ruined.

"We're at the point where we don't know what were going to do right now," said Lopez.

Lopez received a call last night and couldn't believe that his shop was on fire.

"We actually thought it was a prank call because he said hey I am here with the fire department and there's a fire on your building and were like, 'No it can't be, there's no way.'  Sure enough there was a fire," said Lopez.

Some 26 firefighters from Rural Metro battled the blaze.  Crews arrived on the scene and found half of the building taken over by flames.

"They made an attempt to get inside the building because it was unoccupied.  They elected to back out due to their safety and the amount of intense fire and then fought that in a defensive mode," said Capt. Grant Cesarek from the Rural Metro Fire Dept.

The shop was connected to the largest off road RC track in Tucson.  Many of the racers would get parts from the shop, but now they will have to find them somewhere else.

"Almost all of our customers have already been by here.  They are just shocked, they're probably as shocked as I am.  I'm still kind of dumbfounded that this even happened," said Lopez.

Lopez wants to rebuild, he knows it won't be easy and his shop won't be the same.

"Both insurance companies don't quite have us insured where we should have been with the current cost of things were going to see if there's enough for us come back and try to get going again," said Lopez.

Fire investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire.

For more information on the shop and if they will continue racing at the track.