Monsoon storm delays repairs from previous storm, floods Tucson streets

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was monsoon mayhem Thursday night with a hard rain starting at about 4:30 P.M. 

A 49-year-old driver got stuck in the Agua Caliente wash and had to be rescued early this evening.

It happened on Fort Lowell Road, just east of Melpomene Way where the water reached the bottom of the drivers' side window.

A deputy and a 19-year-old witness waded out in the waist deep water to rescue the driver.

On the exact opposite side of town high water stalled a Sun Tran bus near Bopp and San Joaquin Roads.

Witness Tracey Wilson of Tucson says it took the driver 15 to 20 minutes to restart the engine and get moving again.

The storm also knocked down a few power poles on the far southwest side, leaving 5 customers without electricity.

And the rain and lightning causing TEP crews to take a break from repairs on West Ina Road.

Tuesday's storm brought down 18 power poles there. Crews still hope to have most of the work completed by Thursday night.

"We appreciate everyone's patience.  We know it's an inconvenience, but we are working as quickly as we can, keeping safety in mind.  And again, we do appreciate their patience and if they can avoid the area today, that'll be great," said Joseph Barrios from Tucson Electric Power.

TEP will still have some work to do Friday morning but they are working hard for all businesses to be accessible.