Police impersonator arrested after ASU dorm incident

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Jaemin Nicholas Breen By Alicia Barron Jaemin Nicholas Breen By Alicia Barron
Surveillance footage By Natalie Flanzer Surveillance footage By Natalie Flanzer

TEMPE, Ariz. – A man accused of impersonating an officer in order to gain entry into a woman’s apartment has been arrested.

Police at Arizona State University arrested Jaemin Nicholas Breen, 20, Thursday for allegedly impersonating an officer during an incident at a residential hall on June 11.

A female student was asleep in her room on campus that morning just after 3 a.m. when Breen allegedly went inside the unlocked room.

Officers say the suspect identified himself as a police office in training and asked to search her room for drugs after questioning the student about possible drug use. He reportedly left without threatening or injuring the victim.

Surveillance footage taken near the victim’s dorm room helped police identify the suspect.

When Breen was located and interviewed by ASU police he reportedly confessed to the crime. He was arrested and faces charges for impersonating an officer and trespassing.