Arizona headlines: Pearce campaign reimbursement; Tombstone emergency; Nogales tunnel

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Faced with a recall election, State Senate President Russell Pearce may get some consolation that he could get back some of the money he spends to stay in office.

An obscure provision in state law allows the Mesa Republican to ask for reimbursement on his campaign bills.

The legislature would actually decide whether to provide the money and how much he'd get.

So far Pearce hasn't said if he'd take advantage of the measure.


PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Governor Brewer Monday signed an emergency declaration for Tombstone, following flooding in an area scorched by this summer's Monument Fire.

Monsoon mudslides and erosion have damaged springs which serve as Tombstone's primary water source.

Brewer's declaration frees up $50,000 to help cover engineering and repair costs to the water system.


NOGALES, Ariz. -- A new drug tunnel discovered in Nogales, snaking some 90 feet between the U.S. and Mexico.

Border Patrol agents at the Deconcini Port of Entry noticed a truck park near the border pedestrian gate then drive away a short time later.

After stopping the driver they found nearly 2500 pounds of marijuana inside and that the vehicle had a false bottom used to pass up the pot from below.

They arrested two teens from the U.S. and a juvenile from Mexico.