Wildcat football with few QBs

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Quarterbacks have been few and far between for the Arizona Wildcats the last few days.

Backup Matt Scott is dealing with a case of strep throat and 3rd stringer Bryson Bierne has a sprained ACL, so Freshman Daxx Garman has been getting a boat load of reps behind starter Nick Foles.

Garman has not played in a game since his Junior year of high school, he was ineligible last season due to a rules violation.

"He's not game ready yet. What we'd have to do is scale back the game plan a little bit.  But he's able to execute plays that would allow us to move the football up and down the field. Can he handle the whole game plan right now, probably not but

I think in time he's going to be able to do that," said Wildcats Quarterbacks Coach Frank Scelfo.

"That's up to Daxx.  You know Daxx has to take it to heart.  He's got to get in there.  He has to learn the offense, know his reads and be ready.  We're going to expect a lot out of who ever we have back there at quarterback because we know we have good players.  We have a good core and he'll be ready.  He's just going to have to step up to the challenge if that's ever needed," said David Douglas.

The Wildcats will hold one practice Thursday, go twice on Friday before their annual meet the team scrimmage at Arizona Stadium at 6 O'Clock Saturday night.