Pricey patio door remains missing

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PHOENIX -- It's the case of the missing $10,000 door. 

It's not just any door, this door is huge 16 feet by 10 feet. Not only is it a big door, but it also comes with a big price tag. Although it was paid for months ago, the homeowner says it still hasn't arrived.

“It's my dream home, I designed it about four years ago and now here I am being the builder of it, it's super exciting!”

When Angela Johnson designed and started building her home, she held nothing back.

“Everything is custom as you can see even the insets and the arches are different then what you'd typically see, the doors the windows, everything.”

And part of her personal design included customized windows and doors, specifically a beautiful custom-made patio door.
“I decided to go with a well-known company who I thought would be really easy to deal with cause they're huge in the construction industry, they work with all of the builders and that was Paramount.”

Paramount Windows Corp. to be exact.  Angela says she hired them way back in April and paid them more than $33,000 for windows and interior doors, the price tag included $9,500 for that patio door alone. Although everything was installed, that huge door is still missing.

“They said I'm sorry, there's a delay those are coming like a month later than your windows and I said ok, which would've put us at May 11th.”

But Angela says the door has never been installed. and she claims all she's getting is lip service.

“We're sorry, we're sorry there's been a delay or a back order or there's this or there's that and every time it's a different excuse.”

Angela says the missing door is holding up the rest of her construction which includes her final inspection. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

“Here we are three months past the day that my door was supposed to be delivered, with five separate times that it was supposed to be delivered.”

Paramount Windows tells 3 On Your Side that they apologize for the delay, and blame the hold up on the door's manufacturer which initially made the door, but it was the wrong size. They say that delayed the project again.

Although they have been trying to expedite the door's arrival, Paramount Windows says the delay has not been their fault.  However, after 3 On Your Side's involvement, the door finally did arrive and Paramount Windows says it's expecting to install it any day now, which is good news for Angela, who remains frustrated.

"I can't live in a house with a big piece of plywood."

Paramount Windows Corporation is licensed and has an A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.  In light of Angela's frustration, they say they'll send her a $2,500 check to offset the delay. And they tell us the door will be in tomorrow.

Read an unedited version of a statement issued by the company.