Ina Road cleanup continues after heavy Tucson storm

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Power poles were knocked down and thousands of people were without power after a bad storm ripped through Ina Road.

Tucson Electric Power is working hard to get those poles back.

Residents, customers and businesses all have a story of what they saw when the storm hit.

"We were moving into our apartment and looked out the windows it was raining real bad.  Next thing you know, the power was out," said resident Anthony Trausch

"It was terrible and the transformers over there they started popping like it was fire crackers going off," said witness Michelle Hollonbeck.

"A lot of wind, a lot of stuff hitting the windows and there were sheets of rain coming down you couldn't see about 2 feet in the parking lot," said Jason Pekau.

The storm rolled in like a bowling ball and knocked down some 18 power poles as if they were pins.

Crews from Tucson Electric Power worked all Tuesday night and alll day Wednesday will stay on the job until it's done.

"We're going to install 23 new poles over a stretch of about a mile here on Ina and we will be working throughout the day into the evening and probably through noon tomorrow," said Joseph Barrios from Tucson Electric Power.

Utility crews have several obstacles to overcome as they replace the poles, including the heat and their safety.

"In many cases we're going to have to dig the holes by hand because the poles will have to be set by other underground utilities and so that will take a little time," said Barrios.

Freedom Smoke U.S.A. on the south side of Ina, lost power during the storm.  The lights went back on Wednesday but business has stayed a little slow.

"We're usually a bit more busy than what we are now, but I think everything once they get everything cleared up a little bit, its hurting us right now yeah," said Jason Pekau from Freedom Smoke USA.

That's why TEP is trying to do its best so things can get back to normal as soon as possible.

"They are working as quickly as they can because they know that it's an inconvenience for the people who drive through the area and the business owners," said Barrios.

TEP says, they hope to have everything completed by Thursday night, so the closed lanes on Ina Road can be reopened.