Questions surround 8-month-old baby's death

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PHOENIX – In a 911 call made from a neighbor’s home, you can hear the mother screaming for her child.

Only moments before, that mother, Patricia Schettler, found her baby daughter floating in the bathtub. She grabbed Chevelle and ran over to the house next door where her neighbor, Jerry Fellenz, a firefighter from Wisconsin, performed CPR until paramedics could arrive.

"I heard screaming," says Fellenz. "Then I saw the child limp in her arms."

The child was rushed to the hospital. However she was unresponsive and eventually taken off life support.

"The bottom line here is that we all want answers," Elias Johnson, with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department says.

"When you see an 8-month-old die… totally helpless human being die… we want answers right away."

The accident happened on Aug. 10. The mother told Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies that she pulled the plug on the drain of the bathtub and left the baby in the tub for "playtime" while she went into another room to mess with her phone.

However, when investigators arrived on scene they found the tub full of water.

"The water went all the way to the rim of the tub…up to the emergency valve,”  Johnson says.

Detectives are waiting for autopsy results which will take a few days. They will then pass their information on to the county attorney’s office who will decide if charges are warranted.

"This mother we know is going through a living hell unlike anything we can imagine." Johnson says, "But, on top of that, we have a job to as well. To find out what were the circumstances that led to this innocent baby girl Chevelle, 8 months old, not surviving this bath."