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PHOENIX - Sometimes life throws you a curveball!  Most of the time you hope it comes in terms of a new career goal or major life decision.  But, for me it came in terms of accessorizing!

Yep – shallow as it may be – it came in terms of jewelry.

Here’s the back-story – because it’s worth an explanation.  I went to my neighborhood Safeway a couple of months ago with the full intention of sticking to my budget for milk, eggs, dogfood and more of the usual boring grocery stuff.  I walked out with all of the above … AND … the most delightful pair of teardrop faux “turquoise” earrings!

YES! Earrings!  At Safeway!  And since that day, I’ve worn them countless times and received more compliments than many of my other jewelry items that cost much more.  I’ve since gone back for a pair of my coveted “inside/outside hoops” with great delight.  So, I had to source my source – talk to them about accessorizing trends and bring you the expert tips on what we’ll call “Recessionista Jewelry.”

They say the new bragging rights come with a paid-off mortgage – I agree – but add to that fabulous style at a fraction of the price and you’ve got the new DIVA!

If you want to refresh your jewelry wardrobe for fall you’ll want to visit Spruce Goose Jewelry.  This wonderful little boutique is located at Hayden and Mountain View in Scottsdale and they have some of the most beautiful fashion jewelry and designer inspired jewelry out there.  Plus, on top of that, everything in the store is between $10 and $55.  EVERYTHING.

And here’s how I found them at Safeway.  They also show up around the Valley at Safeway and charity events – sort of a “jewelry to you” concept. The owners Marilee and Tom believe in giving back to charity so when they’re on location it’s often in conjunction with a charity donation.  Even more motivation to shop!

Marilee and Tom really know their stuff, too.  They have the impressive combination of Tom being a Gemologist with decades of experience in fine jewelry and Marilee with a background in jewelry with such fine stores as Marshall Field’s in Chicago.  So, I had to pick their brains as to what is happening for fall.  And at their prices, it’s easy to update your wardrobe simply by adding some new accessories.

Here’s what’s HOT for fall:

Bracelets are heating up fall and will be very strong this season.  The trend is to pile them on, mix them up and look for what Marilee called Mixed Media.  If one’s good, three are better and more are the best – that’s the look.  And, here in the Valley, we can really show them off because we don’t have to worry about a coat sleeve covering them up!

Yellow gold is coming back strong, from sophisticated “look of real” to big bold designer-look pieces.  The good news is that you can absolutely mix your silver and “white” gold pieces with the new yellow pieces.  Tom pointed out that for the last few years the two-toned look has been showing up by some of the top jewelry designers.  So go ahead and mix it up.

Rings will be even bigger for fall.  Literally!  Fun cocktail rings will play a big role in fall accessorizing as will classic rings that have your friends wondering if it’s real or not.  The stretch rings that started showing up last year are still popular and allow you to switch fingers for fun (or if you’re like me and you struggle with swollen fingers toward the end of the day).

Again, look of real or big and bold.  You’ll find a lot of bold yellow gold earrings at Spruce Goose Jewelry right now – an easy way to combine a new pair of earrings with the yellow gold trend for fall.

And finally, even in Arizona, scarves are a key accessory.  You’ll want to check out a fun version at Spruce Goose that combines a scarf and a jewelry accent!

Spruce Goose Jewelry is a perfect solution for those of us on a tight budget with a love of style.  Add it to your shopping list!

Spruce Goose Jewelry
The Look of Real at Unreal Prices

9689 N. Hayden Road #28
(Located in the Salon/Boutique space at Hayden and Mountain View)
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

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