3 On Your Side gets new therapy toy for Valley toddler

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GOODYEAR, Ariz. - Like most moms, Christinna Olsson has her hands full, especially because her 3-year-old daughter Sunshine has autism.

“We have surgeries,” she said. “I mean, she's about to have her sixteenth surgery coming up.”

The disorder causes Sunshine to have meltdowns causing her to jump up and down repeatedly.

“With autism, kids stem and that's when they do repetitive things uncontrollably and if you interrupt it she can get violent,” she said.

Christinna says the meltdowns often leave her with bruises and she thought this inflatable toy called the Jump-O-Lene would help out.

“So the whole point of the Jump-O-Lene was to put her in a safe spot so she could jump and jump and we would have no problems,” she said.

Christinna ordered it online from a company called Intex Corporation.

But just days after the Jump-O-Lene arrived in the mail, Christinna says it sprung a leak, then another, and another.

“So we have this one on the seam and then we have this one on the seam,” she said.

Christinna tried to patch all the holes, but a month after buying the Jump-O-Lene, she says it was basically a useless piece of plastic.

She says she tried contacting Intex Corporation to get another one, only to find out the Jump-O-Lene didn't come with a warranty.

“There is no warranty even to begin with on the product so it's not their problem,” Christinna said.

That's when she emailed 3 On Your Side.

“I mean, I bought something that would hold her weight. I have followed the guidelines and it should hold it! It should last for her and it lasted one week!” she said.

3 On Your Side contacted Intex Corporation which apologized to Christinna.

Turns out, the company does allow for defective products to be returned and wasn't sure why that information wasn't passed on to Christinna.

A week after 3 On Your Side stepped in, Intex Corporation mailed Christinna and Sunshine a brand new Jump-O-Lene.

“We've already had one meltdown and we were able to put her in it and she was nice and safe,” she said.

Christinna says she doesn't think it would've happened had it not been for 3 On Your Side.

She says she can now focus on what's important getting Sunshine through the final stages of therapy.

“But I imagine if there's a problem I'll just call you guys again, you'll come to the rescue. You're like 3 the rescuers!”