Tucson cat shelter in dire straits

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- For six years, Casa de los Gatos has been a place for unwanted cats in Tucson can live, without the impending fate of being euthanized.  But now the shelter is in dire financial straits and is asking for help.

Casa de los Gatos is home to abandoned cats, rescued felines that were set to be euthanized and cats from those who can no longer care for them.

"We are full to capacity," said Shelter manager Sheryl Campbell.  "We have about 300 cats between the two facilities we have."

The shelter depends fully on donations from the public in order to operate.

"We're struggling to keep up," said Campbell

The economy is slow and lately donations have been low. Casa de los Gatos is having trouble paying the bills.

It owes $2,700 in rent, plus several hundred for gas, power and water.

That's not to mention veterinarian bills and food and litter.

"And we still have to honor our commitment to these guys," said Campbell.  "To provide them with food and litter and a house that's safe and cool and warm when it needs to be."

Shelter Manager Sheryl Campbell wants to stress no donation is too small.

"And I'd like people to understand if a lot of people give a little bit, that adds up to a lot of money," said Campbell.

And if more donors giving smaller amounts do so consistently.

"Hopefully we won't have to make these big pleas if we get consistent sponsorship, membership," said Campbell.

Then these guys won't have anything to worry about.

If you want to donate something other than money, Casa de los Gatos also is in need of window air conditions.