The Springs at North Mountain offers assisted living for seniors

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PHOENIX - The Springs at North Mountain offers seniors an optimal living environment that allows them to maintain their independence while getting the help they need.

The facility is an independent assisted living community with lots of amenities for its residents.

There is full chef dining service and lots of activities for residents with a variety of abilities.

One of the things residents seem to like is meals are made for them and the food is top restaurant quality.

The staff at The Springs is there for assistance if a resident needs it and hands off it they don't.

The environment is centered around having good attitude and laughing a lot. Residents at the facility are like a family with neighbors helping each other out when needed. It is a great way to keep social in old age.

The Springs strives in helping people to live a full life in their later years of life.

It is not a nursing home, but an assisted living community that has something for everyone.