New online education step in preventing concussions

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PHOENIX - Hoping to reduce concussions in high school sports, Arizona athletics will now require all high school athletes, both boys and girls, to pass an education course about head injuries.

The new program was developed by the Barrow Neurological Institute, the Arizona Interscholastic Association and the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Barrow, Arizona ranks second in the nation for traumatic brain injury and until now, there hasn't been a mandated education course to teach the kids about the dangers of concussions and how to fully recover from them.

Students will receive their concussion education through an interactive online program called "Brainbook."

According to Barrow, approximately seven-thousand Arizona high school students suffer concussions each year.

Concussions can cause long term headaches, sleeping problems, even personality changes, which in turn could affect school performance.

Children and teens are more likely to get a concussion and have a longer recovery period than adults.