T & M Air Solutions leaves woman hot under the collar

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PHOENIX - Lynda Payne knew something was wrong when she kept turning her thermostat down, yet her house never seemed to cool off. 

"There was just hot air blowing," she said. "We were sure it was probably just Freon that we needed."

So, when Lynda came across an advertisement from a company called T & M Air Solutions, she called and they sent someone out.

But after looking at the unit, T & M Air Solutions gave her bad news. She needed a new air conditioner.

According to her invoice, a new unit was going to cost $4,300.

Lynda said T & M Air Solutions asked for half up front and she gave them a check for more than $2,100.

The check was deposited not long after T & M Air Solutions took it, but Lynda never did get her new air conditioner.

T & M Air Solutions, she said, always has a full voice mail box or a phone that just does not answer as if it's disconnected, so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I'd like Gary Harper to chase their butt down and dog them until they give my money back," she said.

Now, the physical address for T & M Air Solutions is listed as 3116. S. Mill Avenue #263 in Tempe, but when 3 On Your Side went there it was just a drop box inside of a UPS Store.

Documents filed with the state show T & M Air Solutions is headed up by a woman named Heidi Lee McNeil, who according to those documents, is not only the qualifying party for the license, but she also is the Qualifying Party for another company called Zen Air located in Scottsdale.

3 On Your Side went there and  the door was open which was a good sign, but as soon as we walked in things didn't look promising. Every piece of furniture had been moved out.

Records indicate no property is owned under Heidi Lee McNeil in Maricopa County.   

However, we did find a Gilbert home where a person with that name rents.

3 On Your Side tried several different times to reach someone inside, but no one ever did answer.

All of these attempts were bad news for Lynda, who says she's from an era where she said people didn't accept money to do a job, with the intention of never showing up to do it.

"I'd like give them a nice swift kick in the ass," she said. "You just don't do that to people. Young or old, you don't do that. To anybody."

Lynda is filing a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.  The good news, she stands a good chance of
getting her money from the State's Recovery Fund because the contractor who took her money was licensed.  It can take six to eight months to get her money, but Lynda said the wait will be worth it.