Transmission trouble leaves traveling nurse with no ride

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GOODYEAR, Ariz. - Cynthia Jeffcoats is a traveling nurse who constantly relocates for her job.

Next month, she'll have to move again when her contract at a west Phoenix hospital expires.

“I'm on the go,” she said. “Being a traveler, most of us are single, live alone.”

But lately, Cynthia has been paying for transportation to get to and from work.

That's because her pickup truck, a 2006 Ford F350, broke down with transmission problems.

“At the time when I bought it, I didn't know the transmission was bad because it's a 2006,” she said.

So, Cynthia took the truck to a place called Transplant Transmissions, where she says they were supposed to rebuild her transmission.

“And they said it would be built like new,” she said.

Cynthia paid about $2,000 for the repair and felt comfortable because according to Transplant Transmissions’ website, they warranty all their work.

But not long after leaving the shop, Cynthia says she developed transmission problems again, including a bad transmission leak.

Cynthia says she took it back several times, including five times in one month.

However, she says Transplant Transmissions always wanted more money.

“I don't have anybody to call so this really has devastated me,” she said. “I've tried calling them and they said you bring me the money we'll do the repairs. They're holding my truck ransom.”

3 On Your Side got involved and discovered the owners of the business were recently sued by the Arizona Attorney General's Office for reportedly violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

A manager at Transplant Transmissions didn't want to talk to us on camera about that, except to say the suit was settled.

As for Cynthia's on-going problem, Transplant Transmissions repaired Cynthia's truck after our involvement, and without charging her another dime.

Cynthia says she can now stop worrying about her truck, and focus on where her nursing job will take her next.

Experts recommend you always research a mechanic before having them work on your vehicle.

You can do that be looking up the business with the Better Business Bureau and by checking out the shop with the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence.