Parolee's alleged conflict with parents sparks barricade situation

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PHOENIX – A police standoff in the area of 24th Street and Cactus Road ended peacefully Tuesday morning.

It started when a 24-year-old parolee visited his parents at their Phoenix condo.

Sgt. Trent Crump said the man was upset over several personal issues.

While it’s not clear exactly what happened, the suspect reportedly became violent after making some kind of demand of his parents. When they refused to comply with that demand, he started breaking furniture. Police said he was armed with a knife and slashed the tires of his parents’ car.

At some point, the suspect, who was supposed to visit his parole officer later in the day, threatened to cut himself. He holed up in an upstairs bedroom and refused to surrender.

Negotiators were able to talk the suspect out after about two hours. He surrendered to the tactical team without further incident.

There was an ambulance on the scene when the suspect climbed down a ladder from the second floor of the building and was taken into custody.

Crump said the suspect had some superficial cuts.

Police have not released the suspect’s name. No information about his parole or his criminal history was immediately available. Crump said some details would be made public once the suspect has been booked.

Other than the cuts the suspect caused to himself, no injuries were reported in the course of the standoff.