Tucson man questions red light camera legality

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Red light cameras catch Tucson drivers crossing the intersection just a bit late.

Now that the city has renewed its contract with the camera operator, some Tucsonans say the camera's should be shut down.

George Thurman says the city's red light cameras are unfair and he's put together a report to prove it.

He says the cameras are using two different stopping lines and that it violates state law that calls for, "uniformity of enforcement systems."

Thurman has had two infractions that have cost him over $500 dollars.

"People are struggling in this economy they go to grocery store and come back with a $300 dollar tab," said Thurman.

It's these sorts of concerns councilman Steve Kozachik is hearing from constituents.

"The majority of the tickets people are getting is when they roll through on a left turn and they don't quite make it before they get flashed," said Kozachik.   "The problem is people aren't convinced it's a fair System."

But with three days left on the contract with American Traffic Solutions, city officials renewed it, without hearing from the public

"It was a strategic error to rewnew the contract without holding a public hearing," said Kozachik.  "Let the public weigh in, react to what we heard. Maybe that would have resulted in a tweaking of the contract."

For now the contract stands for another year, untouched and unchanged.  And Thurman isn't happy.

Tucson police and city management stand by the camera system, and say it's made intersections safer.

City staff did not need council approval to move forward with the red light camera's contract renewal.