Notice of claim filed in Pima County SWAT shooting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- More than four months after the deadly Pima County SWAT shooting, the lawyer for the Guerena family has filed a notice of claim that could lead to a huge lawsuit.

As part of that claim, the Pima County Sheriff's Department has released new video of the shooting.

The first video was released shortly after the incident and shows the SWAT team allegedly firing some 71 shots at Jose Guerena.

Friday, the sheriff's department released a second video showing Vanessa Guerena being pulled out of the house and then 4-year-old Joel Guerena running to safety.

"They just give a snapshot of the horror that his wife his small child went through as they crawled past their dying husband and dying father," said Guerena attorney Christopher Scileppi.

Earlier this week, attorney Christopher Scileppi filed a claim with PCSD, the towns of Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita and the members of the SWAT team.

In a 15 page report scileppi outlines what he calls reckless action by the SWAT team.

"They were negligent and grossly negligent in how they performed this the execution of this warrant in killing Mr. Guerena," said Scileppi.

Mike Storie represents the members of the Pima County Regional SWAT Team.  He says he's not shocked by the claim.

"They have been talking about this you know ever since the incident now you know we will see if they follow through with the lawsuit," said Storie.

In the claim, the settlement amount is a total of $20 million,  $8 million for Vanessa, $5 million each for the two children and $2 million for Jose's mother.

"Accommodate the children's loss of their father, no amount of money can replace Mr. Guerena to his wife to his children to his family," said Scileppi.

Storie feels the amount of money the family is asking for is obscene.

He doesn't believe PCSD and the towns will pay it, and they expect to battle it out in court.

"I would be absolutely shocked if anybody settles this case and did not fight it vigorously and if asked, I would say it would be a ridiculous result," said Storie.

If the notice of claim is denied or there's no response, Scileppi's team will follow through with a lawsuit.