More electric vehicle charging stations showing up in Southern Arizona

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Sahuarita is joining the electric car revolution.  Saturday, community leaders celebrated the availability of two new charging stations.

"This unit right here is the inverter," said Jason Trible.

Trible was showing off his Nissan Leaf at the event.  His Leaf will be more convenient to drive now that there are two charging stations near his home.

"We use this Fry's a lot so it will be great to come here and while we're shopping get a little juice to make it home," said Trible.

Saturday the Sahuarita community took a step towards sustainability.

Sahuarita Vice-Mayor Lynne Skelton got the ball rolling on electric car charging when she headed an environmental non-profit in 2009.

"With the initiatives that are taking place now with the federal government, I think we're going to see a lot more of it," said Skelton.

The stations are part of a much bigger plan to place about 200 charging machines in and around Tucson.  Electric car motorists like Jason look forward to more convenience.

"There's a Bookman's down on Grant that I've used and the dealerships have them if you need them, but at the moment there are very few places  you can charge in town," said Trible.

Local developer Rancho Sahuarita Companies pitched-in more than $3,000 to make this charging station become a reality.

"Whether you're in government or the private sector if you just listen to your customer we always say  you'll know everything you need to know," said Cort Chalfant from Rancho Vistoso Companies.

The public stations will provide a cheap and comfortable commute for those Sahuarita residents who spend a lot of time and money driving to and from Tucson

As well as electric car owners needing a pit stop.

In the next few months, Tucson will also have more spots to charge up electric cars.

Eight public libraries in Pima County will each get 2 charging stations.  Most of them are expected to be located in mid-town Tucson and on the east side. The stations are possible because of a $99 million federal stimulus grant.

"Right now they're just starting to hit the market. We got a lot of enthusiasm for the Nissan Leaf, a lot of enthusiasm for the Volt but we feel for the next 5 to 10 years it's gonna be a lot more mainstream, where  people are really going to be adopting that electric vehicle idea," said Colleen Crowninshield from Tucson Clean Cities.

Each of the 16 stations cost between $1,500 and $2,600.