First Guard extended warranty claim reconsidered

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PHOENIX - Wendy Rios depends on her 2004 Buick Regal, so when she bought the car a few years ago, she thought it might be a good idea to also purchase an extended warranty.

"I definitely bought it for a peace of mind," she said.

That peace of mind was supposed to come from a warranty company called First Guard.

Wendy said for a little more than $2,000, First Guard's policy was supposed to cover repair bills in case her Buick ever broke down.

So, when her car recently stopped running on the highway, Wendy said one thought went through her mind.

"Thank God that I got that warranty," she said.

Wendy said her car was towed to a Buick dealership where she had regular maintenance.

When it was determined Wendy's cooling system broke, Wendy said First Guard didn't want to cover the $1,000 repair bill.

Wendy said she spoke to a First Guard representative who said they wouldn't pay up.

"Too bad. It happens. We're not paying," Wendy said the representative bluntly told her.

According to First Guard, it would have covered the $1,000 repair bill if she would have had her cooling system flushed recently.

The dealership maintains that the cooling system did not need to be flushed because it was clean and even if they did flush it, they claim the car would have broken down anyway.

3 On Your Side got involved and sent First Guard several documents including Wendy's regular maintenance records from the dealership.

One document read, her cooling system was "recorded as good" on her last maintenance visit and that "a cooling system flush would not have prevented this repair."

After reviewing the paperwork, First Guard reversed its decision and wrote Wendy a check for almost $1,000 which was the total cost she paid for her repair.

Wendy was in tears when she was reimbursed and thanked not only First Guard, but also 3 On Your Side for getting involved.

"I'm just so happy and so excited," Wendy said as she looked at the check. "I want to thank 3 On Your Side and Gary Harper for all of his work. I am just so thankful and so grateful and I am trying so hard not to cry, but it's so hard."  

First Guard told 3 On Your Side that it would have originally paid for the $1,000 repair bill if it had been provided those documents early on. Fist Guard is headquartered out of Texas, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.