Lost Boy from Sudan awaits help at UMC

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- He escaped a war-torn country and came to the U.S. so he could help others, but now Lost Boy from Sudan, James Chol (shole), needs help to survive.

"And Sudan was not good for us at the same time because war was continuing to go on," said James Chol.

James Chol, 29, recounts his early childhood running from war in Sudan, to Somalia, Kenya and finally the United States.

"I've liked taking care of people ever since I was a little child," said Chol.  "Maybe because I've seen a lot of people back home who need help."

Now James is a patient care technician at TMC and his goal is to go to medical school, but he's had to slow down since he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

"It was diagnosed by accident sort of.   I thought it was something simple I thought it was just pain from running," said Chol.

Doctors have tried to help James maintain his health, but things quickly took a turn for the worse.

"It just became a problem right now because the function went below 10% but the first time I was diagnosed the function was at 80%," said Chol.

James started dialysis less than a week ago, and his doctors are trying their best to find a donor match.

James is trying to stay strong mentally.

"I had a lot of difficulties in my life before that I thrived through so, I feel, I think I can handle it," said Chol.

It's unclear how long James can go on like this, but with low kidney function, his body is unable to cleanse itself of toxins.  All he can do now is wait for someone to give the gift of life.

"To anyone who's watching today, please, I have a potential, for myself for my community and I don't feel like this thing should stop me," said James Chol talking to a TV audience.

The right donor will have a blood type of A or O.