Pima County Sheriff's Department begins another year of bus program

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With TUSD beginning school Monday, Pima County Sheriff's deputies are stepping up enforcement.

Another year of the PCSD bus program will be in effect.

Deputies will get on the buses with the children, They'll be on the lookout for drivers who don't follow the law.

"People don't know if a deputy is on bus so they take an extra moment to think about if they really want to violate the law, do they really want to run the traffic signal and do they really want to not obey the crossing guards.  It has been very successful in the past,"  Deputy Dawn Barkman from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies say speeders will be ticketed.

There is a new website available to parents of TUSD students who need information on transportation.

The site includes bus stops, pick up and drop off times, and other info needed to make sure your kids get to and from school safely.

TUSD transportation information.