Fake bomb suspects stopped by TSA face federal charges

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PHOENIX -- Two African refugees appeared in federal court Friday to face charges relating to a suspicious device they tried to bring on a plane.

Phoenix police describe the device as a containter of 'organic material' compared to a paste, with an activated cell phone attached. TSA screeners thought it could be a bomb.

A motive is unknown and investigators say it could be a misunderstanding. Others believe it was a fake bomb used to test screening effectiveness.

Authorities are trying to figure out if the suspects were doing a dry run for a future terror attack.

Suspect Luwiza Daman told investigators someone at a party gave her the device and asked her to fly it to Des Moines.

Daman and Shullu Gorado, both refugees from Eritrea, now face federal charges of lying to investigators. They're being held by US Marshals until their next court appearance on Tuesday.

Language barriers have been a hurdle in the investigation and now in the court process. An interpreter from Sacramento will help during Tuesday's hearing.