Armless pilot inspiring others

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PHOENIX - “Having this opportunity to show other people that nothing is impossible kind of backs me up when I say that,” Jessica Cox said.

Impossible is not a word in Cox's vocabulary. The 28-year-old pilot was born without arms.

“I figured if I created this fear of flying, then I could also be the person to overcome the fear,” Cox said.

She got her pilot's certification almost three years ago.

“I just treated her like any other student that I have,” Parrish Traweek said. Traweek is Cox’s flight instructor at San Manuel airport in Tucson and believes she's breaking down barriers.

“Jessica has really opened the door and let a lot of people, see, yes, they can fly and there is no limit to what people can do,” Traweek said

This includes giving these two girls a chance to fly in a plane for the first time.  

“To see their faces light up when I take them up in the air that is priceless,” Cox said.

Cox said she's showing them that opportunities do exist regardless of the challenges they face.

“I was telling Jessica that now I know how a bird feels when they’re up flying,” Sarah Soto said.

Being a pilot is just one part of what Cox has accomplished. She learned at a young age that she could still make it in this world without arms.

“There were a lot of moments of frustration because I felt limited,” Cox said. “I think the outside world was protective over me and making sure I didn't get hurt. I decided to pursue other avenues and excel in them.”

Cox holds two black belts in Tae Kwon Do, is certified in scuba diving and likes to ride the waves. She just received a Guinness World Record medal for being the only pilot to fly a plane with her feet.

She's even met the Pope. “It felt like a dream,” Cox said.

With all of her accomplishments, Cox is also empowering others with her motivational speaking. She talks to people all over the country and world.

“The only limitations that we have are the limitations we create for ourselves,” Cox said.

That is something she hopes to change one step at a time. “We all have something but we also have the choice of whether we allow our challenges to stop us or propel us forward,” Cox said.

She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona. To learn more about her motivational speaking go to Jessica Cox Motivational Services.