Phoenix ranked 8th as deadliest areas for pedestrians

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PHOENIX – The Phoenix metro area has made another top 10 list.

A national study conducted by Transportation for America ranks the metro Phoenix area as the 8th deadliest area for pedestrians.

Stephanie Aldana and Daniel Ciulla consider themselves full-time pedestrians. “I know people drive pretty crazy around here sometimes,” Aldana said. “I myself have had three close calls,” commented Ciulla.

After looking at 10 years of data, Transportation for America crunched the numbers and discovered more than 1,400 pedestrians were killed in Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale.

That number didn’t surprise Josefina Milligan. “People just go, they don’t care at all around here,” said Milligan.

A daily walker himself, Ciulla says it’s not just the driver’s fault. “A lot of it is pedestrians who don’t take the time to watch what they’re doing.”

Kerry Wilcoxon is a traffic engineer with the city of Phoenix. He says pedestrian fatalities are going down each year as the population continues to rise.

“The city is actually seeing a decline in the actual per capita rate of all these things, pedestrian crashes, pedestrian injuries and pedestrian fatalities,” Wilcoxon said.

Transportation for America created an online map where you can put your address or city in and see where pedestrians have been killed.