Despite local economy, business growth still possible

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Finding a job in this economy can be difficult, although there have been glimpses of hope.

Thursday there were success stories and sadness for Tucson's employment levels.

The new Sushi Garden on Broadway is a shining star in this economy, boasting a new, bigger facility for the restaurant and hiring 42 new employees thanks to a federal grant from the Small Business Administration.

"Even in this down time we thought we could do well if we were in the Tucson community with the sushi we serve.  We felt confident in taking the money and the loan and the risk," said Sushi Garden co-owner Chun Kim.

Representative Raul Grijalva and others touted the establishment for it's venture in this time of America's economy.

"As we dig ourselves out of this economic hole, critical to us getting out is the small business community, in this country and particularly in this region," said Grijalva.

Even though Sushi Garden is an example of something going right in a down economy the Pima County One Stop Job Center is still seeing thousands come through their door looking for work in Southern Arizona.

"We're looking at a 9.2% unemployment rate right now in Pima County which equals 44-45,000 people," said Jim Mize from Pima County One Stop.

One stop staff estimate they see almost 3,500 people each month.

"It's been pretty steady for for the last two or three years, ever since we started having a lot of layoffs," said Mize.

When it will stop, no one knows. But everyone hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Sushi Garden moved their restaurant just down the street on Broadway and hired new employees thanks to the 400,000 loan they received from the Small Business Administration.