Gilbert dance group wins top prize, becomes best hip-hop crew in the nation

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- You've heard of the show, “America's Best Dance Crew.” Well, there is also an actual dance group out of Gilbert that holds the official title of America's Best Dance Crew, and they have the medals to prove it!

They are the Elektrolytes, and they are a fabulous hip-hop dance group that just competed at the world's biggest hip-hop dance contest, Hip Hop International, and they won the big prize.

The Elektrolytes have now qualified to compete in the world championships against 60 crews from 40 different countries. They advanced through the qualifying competitions, the semifinals, and recently made it to the world finals, finishing in seventh place.

For a taste of what they can do, watch the video above. (It's so worth it because these guys have got some serious swag!)

There are seven members of this dance group, which was recently featured on the show “America's Got Talent,” and they’re all from Gilbert.

The dancers can’t believe they have come as far as they have, but they are steadily pushing to get more national and international attentions. Their big hope is to dance with Ellen DeGeneres, on “The Ellen Show,” and also compete on the show "America's Best Dance Crew.” If they won, they would be America's Best Dance Crew who won “America's Best Dance Crew.”

To find out more about the Electrolytes, check out their Facebook page.