Tucson Toros take legal action over Hi Corbett

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A day after the city announced it's close to a Hi Corbett deal with the U of A The Toros took legal action against the city.

The Tucson Toros don't want that logo coming off of Hi Corbett.

"We filed a complaint in superior court to tell the city to honor the existing lease we have at Hi Corbett," said Tucson Toros General Manager Sean Smock.

The city terminated the lease with the Toros and began serious talks with the U of A. Councilman Steve Kozachik has never been a part of those conversations due to conflicts of interest, but he's not shy about speaking up.

"The City of Tucson has an obligation to activate the site at Hi Corbett field," said Kozachik.  "We cant afford to have a vacant facility."

The Toros maintain they never left Hi Corbett in the first place.

"Our position has not changed.  We have said all along that we have a valid lease that we're in full compliance with and we intend to maintain that," said Smock.

"At some point you gotta recognize you guys stepped away from plate.  Someone else is in the batters box and they're going to start taking swings.  That's the university," said Kozachik.

The Toros in fact say they support the U of A moving in, but they stress that doesn't mean they have to leave Hi Corbett.

"We can co-exist with the University of Arizona," said Smock.

The two teams may be able to share the facility, but until the city's deal with the U of A is 100 percent complete, that should be the focus say city leaders.

"Its a distraction.  The Tucson Toros aren't winning themselves any friends with this thing," said Kozachik.

The consensus for now is that the Toros complaint won't compel the city to change course. If anything, it may be hurting the Toros cause.

"My personal opinion is that the Toros management is burning a lot of bridges right now unnecessarily," said Kozachik.

"Our attorney's advise differently.  I can't really address that since it's a legal matter," said Smock.

The city now has a set number of days to respond to the Toro's complaint.  Smock says based on that response, the Toros will decide how to move forward.