Doctor pulls gun on patient before second-story fall

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Emmanuel Brown By Alicia Barron Emmanuel Brown By Alicia Barron

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – A doctor pulled a gun on a patient who apparently had become impatient.

Corey and Adam Zinker caught the panic and commotion on their cell phone cameras. The video shows people climbing into cramped closets trying to hide from the unknown chaos taking place in the Scottsdale Norte building north of Shea Road on Scottsdale Road.

Adam Zinker was at the medical office for a dentist appointment but because of Thursday’s event, he is going to have to reschedule.

"Right when I get to my chair to have them work on my teeth, someone, the doctor's son, ran in saying there's someone in the building with a gun running around."

There was a lot of confusion early on. Adam was trying to peek through a window with a nurse to see what was happening when, "We heard gun shots! Pop, pop, pop, and we heard screaming and right away she got scared and when I saw her face, I got really scared."

According to Scottsdale police, there were no gunshots.

During the investigation, police learned that Emmanuel Brown was ordered by the court to meet with Dr. Neal Olshan, a psychologist, for evaluation at 2 p.m. Wednesday but failed to arrive for his appointment. After calling later in the day, the doctor rescheduled the appointment for 2 p.m. Thursday.

Brown did not arrive until 3:30 p.m. and Olshan agreed to see him when he was done with other appointments at 6 p.m. Brown became irritated and barged into the doctor's office and started yelling, according to police.

The doctor reportedly got scared and pulled out a gun. He allegedly didn’t use it. However, the weapon did help convince Brown to leave.

Police said that when Brown got to the elevator, he changed his mind and decided to go back to the doctor's office. Only this time he stumbled over the railing and fell from the second floor to the ground below.

In the cell phone video taken by the Zinkers, you can see the suspect leaving the building on a stretcher.

"I saw him on the stretcher and he was just bloody in the face,” Corey Zinker said.

Brown received a serious head injury from the fall. He reportedly is in stable condition.

Originally, it was reported that there was not a physical confrontation, but police later learned that Brown did bump the doctor along with the verbal altercation.

Olshan is not looking to press charges, but police are recommending charges of disorderly conduct for the panic and commotion caused. Brown may also face aggravated assault charges.