Pet of the Day - Delilah

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#699589 – 3 Years Old – Boxer Mix – Female

Meet Delilah, a sweet and sensitive Boxer mix who needs time, patience and love from a kind person willing to give her a chance.  Although she thrives in a home environment, Delilah is a little overwhelmed at the shelter and spends most of her time relaxing in staff offices.  With an easygoing attitude, soulful eyes and a desire simply to be with you, it’s easy to see why Delilah has quickly endeared herself to everyone at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.  She has a big heart under that velvety soft fur!  It may take some extra time to gain Delilah’s trust, but once you introduce yourself with a gentle tummy rub and some soft-spoken words of encouragement, Delilah will turn into a big mush ball at your feet.  Patience is definitely the key to Delilah’s heart.  In her previous home, Delilah got along great with everyone in the family – including other dogs, kids and even chickens.  Her favorite pastime was to relax outside in the yard.  Is yours available?   Delilah can’t wait to find the home of her dreams and hopes that you could be the one to offer stability, comfort and a lifetime supply of unconditional love.  Please ask to meet Delilah soon at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.