Keep your electronics safe at school

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – iPads, iPods, laptops and cell phones. We all carry a lot more stuff around today than we used to.

In many cases, students are taking them to school so here's a reminder about keeping your electronics safe.

Whether it's primary education or secondary education, students simply have a lot of expensive gadgets these days.

To protect those items and to protect your identity remember the following tips:

Use password protections. It sounds obvious, but you should have a password even on your cell phone just in case your phone is stolen or lands in the hands of a stranger.

Also, keep electronics off the floor. No matter where you are in public, resist to setting it under your chair. Instead, rest it against your leg so you're aware of it.

Leave it at home - seriously. If you're not going to use your lap top or iPad at school, then don't bring it.

Get it out of the car. Leaving your electronic item on the seat or even in your trunk is a great place for thieves to target.

And don't "leave it for just a minute." Sure, you might like the people you’re with and trust them but why risk it.  

Take the item with you if you leave your chair. Finally, there are programs you can download to tell you where your lost item is. It kind of works like "Lo-Jack" except instead of tracking a car, it tracks your electronic item.