Senator McCain visit brings cheers and jeers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tuesday, Arizona Senator John McCain stood in front of a raucous crowd and at times, things got ugly.

To a chorus of cheers and jeers, Senator John McCain visited Saint Marks Methodist Church in north west Tucson Tuesday afternoon with a heated crowd full of people and tea partiers.

"We have to have certain basic ground rules, that is that we respect the views of one another," said McCain to a raucous crowd.

A fired up crowd paid little attention to warnings about civility until McCain threatened to have someone removed..

"Sir, I'm gonna give you two more chances and then I'm gonna have you leave, okay.  Let me finish," said McCain.

After that McCain was mostly uninterrupted as he went through his speech about what he calls President Obama's mistakes and federal red tape.

After he wrapped that up, the hands went up and the questions started flying.

Most of the questions centered around the economy, jobs, taxes and get the getting the spending in Washington under control, something McCain knew was coming his way after the fiasco in Washington two weeks ago.

McCain wants the President to outline a plan, tell Congress to come back to Washington and hammer out the next steps so this country can move forward and upward.

The room for the town hall reached capacity almost an hour before things got started, leaving a lot of angry people outside the doors.  Many of them were either from the Tea Party or

McCain mentioned having another town hall in Tucson in a couple weeks at a much larger venue.