Scottsdale actress making her mark in Hollywood on hit show 'Glee'

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – “I was not like this before,” said actress Heather Morris as she and I set up the cache of national magazines she’s been featured in.

Looking at her perfect photos, I jokingly asked, “You went from dork to superstar?”

“I’m still a dork,” she says with a laugh.

To call her a “superstar” is an understatement. Morris is definitely making her mark in Hollywood.

“They dress me up and I look like that,” said the humble Scottsdale native.

“Everything is like coming at me so fast!” she continued. “It’s a learning experience. I’ve got to learn how to slow down."

Just in case “Glee” is the first time you’re seen this 24 year old, here’s what she’s talking about.

Morris has been dancing since she was a little girl. Dance Connection in Scottsdale is one the dance schools where she started.

She tried out for “So You Think You Can Dance,” and made it far, but not all the way. She missed making the top 20 by a single vote. Then she auditioned to become a background dancer for Beyoncé. She got the part and danced background for her for two years, before auditioning for a bit role on the then pilot TV show Glee! The audition, lucky for Morris, featured Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies" choreography.

Now this Desert Mountain High School graduate plays Brittany Pierce, the adorably ditzy cheerleader on “Glee,” and that well publicized Britney Spears episode definitely put her on the map.

While Morris loves her fans and her newfound fame, she admits it would be nice to be just normal again.

"You know how you say, ‘I wanna be famous when I grow up,’? Well, I’d rather be a dork and not have anybody care."

When Morris does decide to take a break, she says she plans to go back to college, learn karate, and take drumming lessons.