Man says Consign & Redesign owes him money

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – Heath Bell says he likes the way his house is decorated now but he has a large and heavy armoire that's just too big for his home. 

He says, "It no longer fit in the house when we moved in. I actually wanted to put it up for sale."

Last March Heath says he went on the internet to look for a consignment store to sell the armoire and came across one called Consign & Redesign which, according to corporate documents, is owned by Kelly Griffin Porter.

Heath says he signed a contract with the store to try and sell the armoire for just under $2,000 with half going to the store and the other half going to Heath.

"I knew it was a very nice piece of furniture. It was nicer than anything they had in their store so I was confident it would sell," Heath says.

However, after failing to get that asking price, Heath says Consign & Redesign contacted him in May and told him this: “They might have a buyer but the price is too high and I said fine. Bring down the price to whatever you need to do. I was just looking to get something out of it. It weighs a lot and I did not want to pick it back up."

Heath claims that was in May and he didn't hear from the business again so he went to the store in June to investigate and to ask questions. 

That's when he found the store empty and permanently closed, leaving Heath somewhat concerned. After numerous phone calls and leaving multiple messages, Heath says Kelly Griffin Porer finally called him back and told him she had sold the armoire and that he had money coming.

According to Heath, Porter said, "You'll have your money by July." But July came and went and Heath says he never did get paid so he contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I know Gary Harper is pretty good at these types of things and I knew he could come through for me, that's why I called you," Heath says.

3 On Your Side managed to get a hold of Porter, who can be found on talking about her store when it was actually in business.

In the Internet video, she talks about her store and how it sells upscale and slightly used items.

I eventually made contact with Kelly through an email, in which she tells 3 On Your Side that she sold Heath's armoire for $300 and always planned on living up to the contract by paying Heath his half.

After I got involved, she did, by mailing Heath his check for $150. Heath says the amount isn't much and is somewhat disappointed. He goes on to say that he wonders if he would have received anything without 3 On Your Side's involvement.

"Without 3 On Your Side, I would never have gotten a check or a phone call.  I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without 3 On Your Side."

It should be noted that 3 On Your Side requested to interview Porter numerous times but she never accepted. However, in several emails to me she maintains she paid on time and within the parameters of the contract.