Valley dodgeball team to compete in national tournament

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PHOENIX -- You probably didn’t even know it existed -- professional dodgeball. There are several leagues here in town, but the Phoenix Headhunters, a team consisting of men and women, are going to the National Dodge  Ball Championships happening in Las Vegas this weekend.

Another team, here in town, the Rampage, are the defending champs from last year but the Headhunters are determined to bring the trophy home to the Valley

The Headhunters say a professional game of dodgeball is much different from the games we used to play as kids, using a beach ball. They use several different balls, including one called the "stinger." The name says it all.

The Phoenix Headhunters consists of several divisions.

The Coed Division is an NDL-style play division with competitive play in a more welcoming format that does not allow high-throws. Teams must have at least two players of each gender. Games use 8.5-inch balls.

The Open Division is the most highly competitive division, intended to provide NDL-style fast-paced, intense court action. There are no gender requirements. Teams can be comprised of all male player, all female player or a combination of both. Games use 8.5-inch balls.

The Women's Division is an NDL-format division for all-female teams. Women can play against each other without guys hogging the balls. Games use 7-inch balls.

For more information about the Phoenix Headhunters, check out their Facebook page.