People frustrated at Sen. McCain's town hall meeting

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GILBERT, Ariz. – People aren’t too happy with Congress now that the United States lost its perfect credit rating and another awful day in the market.

Feeling down, people turned to Arizona Senator John McCain for answers. “I agree they’re fed up with all of us,” commented Senator McCain.

He decided to hold a town hall meeting in Gilbert Monday hoping to answer people’s questions, but at times, the topics got pretty heated, especially when a Tea Party supporter asked for an apology after calling them “hobbits” during the debt ceiling debate on the senate floor.

McCain showed he didn’t have all the answers and at times blamed the democrats for the problems the country is facing. “We may have a revolt in this country,” said Ed Nemeyer, who was at Monday’s town hall meeting, “And you might see Washington become completely irrelevant.”

It’s all speculation right now but analysts think we’ll see higher interest rates for car loans, college tuition and home mortgages now that the U.S. lost its perfect credit rating.

“I have a fixed rate mortgage so it’s not going to affect my mortgage, it will affect any credit cards I own,” said Barb Decarmine, who was also at the town hall meeting.

Rose Owen said her confidence in Congress fixing this mess is down as much as the market is. “If you don’t learn to do it right and people cover for you, why would you ever do something right,” said Owen.

Senator McCain heads to Tucson on Tuesday for another town hall meeting addressing the same issues.