Buckeye woman: Sirius Radio needs to get serious about refund

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – Kathy McSparran enjoys a little music when she drives. "I like a lot of different music."

To keep the tunes coming, she ordered satellite radio a few years ago when she and her husband took a long road trip.

"It was nice to have the satellite radio because you didn't have to keep looking for a new FM station as you went from one city to the next."

Kathy ordered her satellite service through a company called Sirius XM and paid for a year subscription in advance.

Kathy kept Sirius for an entire year and then paid for a second year but as soon as she paid, Kathy sold her car.

As a result, Kathy asked Sirius XM for a $143 refund for the year she had just paid, but wasn't going to use now.

"They said fine. ‘We'll refund you a pro-rated amount for the year you paid for and we'll send you a check. I said, ‘Okay’."

That was back in November of last year and nine months later Kathy hasn't received her refund.

She says she's made countless phone calls inquiring about her refund but gets nowhere.

"You talk to a different person every time you call in. They said they can't transfer you and they won't let you talk to a supervisor.”

3 On Your Side contacted Sirius XM and told them about Kathy and her 9-month wait.

As a result she immediately received a phone call from Sirius saying they reviewed her case and she should be getting her $143 refund this week.

Kathy says she's glad she contacted 3 On Your Side and says looking back, she probably won't pay for any subscription a year in advance again. "If I did it again, and that's a big if, I would do it on a monthly basis only. Month to month," Kathy says.