Patients call Valley spine surgeon a 'miracle worker'

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MESA, Ariz. -- In the medical world, Dr. Michael Chang is known for changing lives.

This spine surgeon performs life-altering surgeries most other medical specialist’s won’t touch.

Many of Chang's patients have faced years of excruciating pain, including Jane Martin, who couldn’t walk on her own. She constantly had to hold on to something.

After 14 hours of surgery, Martin says she’s now able to, "stand up straight as a stick," and live mostly pain free.

Chang, went to Harvard Medical School and completed his spine surgery fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, says he was able to help Martin by essentially breaking her spine -- yes, he broke her back -- and then putting back together again in a more natural position.

For Pat Risley, the case was even worse. Her spine was eroding, causing severe deformity and abnormal curvature.

After several failed surgeries, Risley spent months humped over in pain, telling us she was depressed, and forced to look at the ground all the time.

She, too, had trouble standing on her own -- until she met Chang.

Now, three months after surgery, this great-grandmother of two calls Chang, “a miracle worker."

Chang is part of the medical team at Sonoran Spine Center and specializes in all diseases and disorders of the spine.