Landfill fire on Tucson's southeast side

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Crews fought a landfill fire on Tucson's southeast side Sunday.

The fire started around 8 A.M. at a private landfill near East Drexel Road and South Houghton Road.

No structures are threatened by the flames, mostly landscaping waste burning.

The landfill owner says it could cost him up to $50,000.

Firefighters say it could smolder for the next few days.

"It's really hard to investigate a fire like this because of the, the amount of work it takes to, to move the piles.  It virtually destroys any way of finding a cause," said Capt. Jeff Langejans from Tucson Fire Department.

There are video cameras at the landfill, investigators plan to use them to help determine the cause of the fire.

Reportedly there has been vandalism and theft on his property lately.