Monsoon moisture returns

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PHOENIX -- After a relatively quiet weekend across Arizona, the monsoon looks to bring a little more action the next couple of days -- or more likely -- nights. 

Storms Sunday night in Southern Arizona pushed dust up toward the Valley last night.  Although visibility was limited in the Maricopa area for a short time, no major dust storm moved into the Valley.

There is a chance for more blowing dust today in the Valley, plus a 20-percent chance of rain and thunderstorms. 

Drier air that has been in place for the past few days has been replaced by a humid flow of moist air from the south.  Relative humidity was near 50 percent Monday morning, with dewpoints in the 60s.

Look for afternoon highs near 104 degrees today, and between 104 and 106 degrees the rest of the week ahead with a slight chance of thunderstorms through the weekend.