Monument Fire recovery continues with re-seeding

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The recovery process continues in parts of the Huachuca Mountains burned up by this summer's Monument Fire.

Now a Forest Service team has taken to the air to help to re-seed the area.

Two helicopters are in charge of taking thousands of pounds of straw and spreading it across miller canyon.

Its a process that can be tiring and time consuming.

"The further away the less strenuous it is its when the drops are closer because your doing a pick and drop and a pick and drop," said pilot Robert Mroz.

Robert Mroz has been a civilian pilot for more than 20 years. His team is just one of several trying to protect the seeding that was dropped in the canyon last week.

"So as we come in we bring the nets down, set it on the ground, the folks will fill it up, we get to the top there's a release button on the collective and we hit that button, half the net opens up and dumps the hay out," said Mroz.

The straw will be applied to more than 1400 acres of the burned hillsides.

"We're doing this in order  to protect the soil from monsoon rains and also help reduce sediment and peak flow of water," said Jason Jimenez from Monument BAER Team.

Revegetation services out of Mesa, Arizona was given the contract to try and bring back the vegetation.

In return, the company has created jobs locally.

"It been a lot of fun. We have a lot local people involved in the project, truckers, fork lift operators and half or labor is local," said Sam Gunderson from Revegetation Services.

The plan is for the helicopters to continue working for about one more week to finish the coverage area.