Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds switch lives in 'The Change-Up'

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PHOENIX – What if you could swap places with your best friend? Would it be everything you imaged? Are there things you don’t know about your best friend’s life?

That's the premise of "The Change-Up," which some describe as "Freaky Friday" for adults. Tara Hitchcock sat down with the stars – Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.

Basically, Bateman is an overworked father of three while Reynolds is the quintessential bachelor with no real job. One night they make a wish while urinating in a fountain and that’s when the magic happens – “The Change-Up.”

According to the trailer, Bateman is Reynolds and vice versa. So what was is it like not just playing off each other, but actually playing each other?

“Truthfully, we didn’t really try to play each other in this movie,” Bateman said. “We just tried to make the good folks at home laugh. I’m playing sort of a straight-edge in the beginning and then an idiot there in the middle. He’s doing the opposite,” he continued, gesturing to Reynolds. “The screen writers did all the hard work for us.”

This raunchy R-rated comedy is from the writers of “The Hangover” and the director of “Wedding Crashers,” and it goes places you won’t believe.

“We didn’t pull any punches with this movie,” said co-star Olivia Wilde. “Audiences now, they can take it so we’re really pushing boundaries.”

Leslie Mann also stars.

“The Change-Up” is in theaters now.