Woman has trouble with voucher due to new email address

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – A Valley woman is having problems with Southwest Airlines over a gift certificate.  

The gift certificate is for $150 but it was never used. However, the woman who bought it says getting her money returned or applying it to another flight is almost impossible.  

Gloria Hernandez says her dad has always loved to travel. "At the time he traveled, this was several years ago and he was traveling a lot."  

To help with travel expenses, Gloria bought her dad a $150 gift certificate for Southwest Airlines a few years ago. The certificate, she says, could be applied to any Southwest Airlines flight that her dad booked.

“What I received was an email confirmation, so that's what I gift wrapped. I gave it to him for Christmas.”

But at 92 years old, Gloria's dad doesn't travel much and he never did use that gift certificate. As a result, Gloria contacted Southwest Airlines in hopes of getting that credit reinstated, but doing that was difficult.

“I said, ‘Well how do I get it back’ and she said ‘The only way is for us to send it to the email address that you ordered it with’ and I said ‘I don't have that anymore. I was with a different internet provider’.”

For some reason, Southwest Airlines told Gloria she needed the same email address from years ago when she purchased the certificate. Gloria says she has a different internet provider and a different email address and asked that the airline consider another way to reimburse her.

“A check? I'm willing to come down to the airport to pick up a voucher, something, issue me a ticket, I'm going to be flying soon.”

Southwest Airlines tells 3 On Your Side that re-issuing another ticket or credit through the same email is their normal policy. However, considering the circumstances they went ahead and made an exception and will be issuing Gloria a credit using her new email address.

Gloria says it's been an uphill battle but is glad 3 On Your Side was able to resolve it. “They've had my money and I'm ready to use my money I gave them and that's what I want to do, so however they want to do it, I'm open.”

Southwest Airlines was really good to work with and were quick to help out when we brought the matter to their attention but says this was a onetime exception. The reason they like using the same email address is to eliminate fraud.