Flowing Wells teachers let their hair down before heading back to class

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's hard to believe that with another month of summer left to go, students are getting ready to go back to school.

But before they do that, teachers at Flowing Wells let their hair down, before facing a tough year ahead.

It's the day before school starts in the Flowing Wells district.  And that means it's time for teachers to have some fun.

"It takes dedicated staff and teachers and this assembly is all about celebrating that," said Flowing Wells Superintendent Dr. Nic Clement.

And as the school year gets under way, the district is not immune to some of the same problems they faced years prior.

"Our classes sizes are at the highest levels they've ever been," said Dr. Clement.  "We've had to adjust, we've had to cut our budgets and down size in some sense of the word."

They're trying to keep those issues away from the students.  And the seniors just want to focus on getting through their last year.

"I mean lately I've been thinking I just wanna start school and get it over with, but im excited to just be done.  But at the same time im excited for it to be my last year and live it up," said Student Body President Kemah Fernander.

Without pay raises and extra benefits, it's been hard to keep raising expectations and goals.

But the Superintendent says regardless of the issue, the district is ready to face them.

"It becomes really hard when we keep the message clear that we need to raise expectations that we need to work harder," said Clement.

School starts Thursday for all of the Flowing Wells school district. The Amphi School district will start August 10 and TUSD heads back August 15.