'The Change-Up' - Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde keep it together

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PHOENIX – Critics are calling “The Change-Up” a raunchy, grown-up version of “Freaky Friday,” and they’re not far off.

It’s from the writers of Tara Hitchcock’s favorite movie, “The Hangover.” Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star in the movie. One is a family man, an overworked father of three whose marriage is on the rock; the other is a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants bachelor, more of a man-child. Each makes a wish one night (while urinating in a fountain) and, you guessed it, they switch lives.

This naturally causes some problems for the guys, but while they freak out, the women keep it together.

Of course, “The Change-Up” feature strong male characters, but the women in the movie are just as strong and just as funny. Hitchcock sat down with Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde to talk about holding their own.

Mann loved acting opposite Reynolds and Bateman.

“They play off each other, try to outwit each other,” she said. “It was nice for me because I could just sit there and just listen, which I like to do.”

Wilde, who also stars in the recently released “Cowboys and Aliens,” says she quite a critic when it comes to comedy, but couldn’t stop laughing out loud when she first read the script.

“What’s great is that we can all relate to the situations they find themselves in,” she said. “I think the great thing about having Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman is they’re both so good at driving home the emotional turmoil that goes with this. They’re not winking at the audience. They’re really in it, and they’re really freaking out.

“We didn’t pull any punches with this movie,” Wilde continued. “Audiences now, they can take it so we’re really pushing boundaries.”

Hitchcock asked Wilde who she would switch lives with give the chance. Her answer? Oprah.

“I just feel like she has the best life,” she said. “I don’t know what her day-to-day is, but I think I want it.”

“The Change-Up” opens Friday. It’s rated R.