Need a job? Phoenix company that's hiring has beer at the office

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Tim Sherlock is on the job hunt.

"I am a single parent, by myself, with a daughter." Sherlock said. "I would like to find a job I can keep for the next 10 to 20 years."

He has been unemployed for eight months now, and it’s not for lack of effort. He sends out five resumes a week.

Fortunately, there are a few more companies he can send his resume to this week. is looking to staff their new distribution center in Phoenix. Paypal is hiring hundreds for their new offices in Chandler. is going to bring in 300 new employees for their Scottsdale hub.

John Garnin, a sales director for, says the new rounds of hiring will more than double the size of their office.

"So, even though the headquarters is in San Francisco, this will be our biggest office," he said.

Yelp has a unique workplace environment. There are no cubicles. People are always walking around, talking loudly on headsets and closing deals. And, every time a rep makes a sale, the event is marked with applause and a smack on a giant gong.

Sales reps can spend their free time in a room with ping-pong table and a kegerator full of beer. However, I wouldn’t recommend you spend too much time away from your phone, because if you are the top sales rep, you get your image immortalized in velvet and framed.

Sherlock says he will likely apply.

"If it’s the right fit, sure!"