Tucson neurologist talks about Giffords appearance

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Southern Arizona and the nation are still buzzing over Gabrielle Giffords return to congress.

A local neurologist talked Giffords appearance in Congress and what it reveals about her current condition.

Doctor Roderick Anderson this afternoon got to see video of Representative Gabrielle Giffords on the house floor for the first time.

A head nod and a sound of surprise and shock for a doctor who works with patients that have severe brain injuries.

Similar to the one giffords suffered January 8.

"Quite striking to see her standing and waving, I am quite surprised.  She's come a long way from what we've heard," said Dr. Roderick Anderson from the Carondelet Neurological Institute.

The Congresswoman suffered a gunshot wound to the left side of her brain.  Which handles speech and motor control over the right side of the body.  The video shows most of her movement is with her left arm.

"She clearly has some weakness on her right side when you look at the video.  She seemed to have some trouble with her balance as well, maybe with her right leg.  So there could be some right sided weakness which we would expect," said Anderson.

Nobody expected the representative to be at the vote, doctor anderson takes seeing her up and communicating as a good sign.

"As a physician, but as a person of the community to see her and see her in this environment respond as well as she is doing here is quite striking," said Anderson.

At Giffords office in Tucson, staff members received phone calls and emails about the congresswoman's surprising appearance.

District Director Ron Barber returned to work after also being shot on January 8.

He couldn't be happier for his boss.

"Another milestone has been made.  We were all very emotional about it and when we saw her on the floor.  A lot of tears," said Barber.