Tucson woman faces charges for defrauding senior

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A Tucson woman faces serious charges for allegedly stealing from an elderly person in her care.

There are steps everyone can take to make sure their loved ones do not become victims.

Rosario Valenzuela Bravo was charged with fraud, forgery and theft after a joint investigation revealed she allegedly posed as a health care worker to swindle an elderly person.

"She was pretending to be a licensed assistant nurse to take care of people in their homes, older people.  She had applied for that license and been denied," said Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

According to the Attorney General, the victim's relative alerted police.

"A family member realized that there were irregularities in the financial accounts bank, accounts, money market accounts," said Horne.

Investigators say bravo stole more than $60,000 from her client.  The Pima Council on aging offers several tips to protect you and your loved ones.

"We would recommend that the person who is providing personal care for you not be the person who's responsible for your finances," said ombudsman for the elderly Stew Grabel.

Stew Grabel says before you discuss duties, do a background check.

"Adult protective services keeps a list of people who have been charged with abuse or neglect, second you can check with the registry if they say they are a certified nurses aid there should be some documentation at the state level," said Grabel.

Currently the council on aging is working with the Attorney General's office to create an agency to specifically certify home care workers.

"If you hire someone, if they have the card, it means at least they've gone through the screening process," said Grabel.

Investigators say Rosario Bravo slipped through the cracks because someone did not do their homework.