Tips and tricks you didnt know you wanted to know!

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PHOENIX - So… my sister-in-law. Lynn, was visiting recently from San Francisco.  Everyone in my family knows one thing … I will drill you until you succumb… for anything that might, just might be a segment idea.  After 4 years of creating topics, I rely on everyday tips and tricks to build my segments and this particular visit; it took until she almost boarded the plane before she gave it up!  

Linda, she said, “ Do you ever struggle with how to keep excess plastic grocery bags?”

Stopping in my tracks, in my kitchen, I said (of course)… “Why, yes, always.”

That said, she quickly grabbed a bag from my kitchen island and began an origami-like folding technique that had me mesmerized! 

I had to show you all this!  It was one of those delightful tips that have no stage – and that’s what Live and Learn is all about!

So, that’s the premise for this segment.  Those wacky, wonderful tips that you NEED to know but you didn’t know you NEEDED to know.

As I developed this segment, I needed to include two of my all time faves.  In fact, the tee-shirt fold was the first ever Live and Learn lesson I ever did 4 years ago!  Time to show it again.

But first…

Plastic Bags

So let’s start with the plastic bag fold.  Impossible to describe – you have to watch it.  But, it allows you to keep those excess plastic bags, when you forget to take in your reusable bags, in a compact space.  Love it!

Pizza Re-heating

This one has had a huge impact in my house.  My husband loves, loves pizza.  But there’s always some leftover – he’s a pizza-snob and will NOT heat it in the microwave.  So, heating it in a frying pan, lid on is the perfect solution.  Crispy crust and melty cheese and toppings.  Perfect!

Tying a Perfect Bow

This one has escaped me for years.  I’ve taught how to wrap a package.  But it wasn’t until I did the headband segment just a week ago did I happen upon the simplest “switches” ever that make tying a bow a snap – without that annoying diagonal arch that can drive you crazy!  Watch and learn that it’s all in how you wrap that ribbon around the loop!  Who would have known?

The 4 Second –Tee- Shirt Fold

Four years ago, almost to the day, Lisa and I did this as my first Live and Learn.  Thank goodness she found it fun!

They say this can shave 3 – 5 years off your life – depending on how many t-shirts you have!  Regardless, it’s fun and if you teach your kids, it’ll get them folding clothes for at least an hour or two.

What a blast to bring these simple tips to you.  To me, it’s these little “life tricks” that keep us going – taking an ordinary task and mixing it up a bit.

Loving It!
Live and Learn