Health insurance plans required to cover birth control starting next year

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- Women who are used to shelling out lots of cash for birth control will soon get them for free.

The decision, which was formally announced on Monday, is part of President Obama's new health care plan.

Starting next August, all private insurance plans in the United States will cover women's preventative health services without a deductible or co-pay.

That mean services like an annual physical, screening for gestational diabetes and domestic violence counseling will be covered.

But many are focusing on a different element of the plan - birth control and the controversial "morning after" pill.

Alexandra Hill has been using birth control since she was 16. She has insurance, but still pays $60 a month for her non-generic pills.

"So at age 24, I have spent $5,760 at least on birth control pills," she said after doing the math.

Some conservatives disagree with the government's decision saying the cheaper cost to birth control users will be ultimately passed on to the tax payers.

"So that by paying higher premiums they're actually supporting so called emergency contraceptives that have some effects like killing embryos in the womb," said Trent Horn who is the Respect Life Coordinator with the Diocese of Phoenix.

Under the plan, religious organizations that provide health insurance can choose not to offer coverage for birth control and other contraceptives.